The 5 Essentials You’ll Need for London’s Calling – 2017 Edition

5. Comfortable shoes. The area between rooms, expo, space bar and the entrance isn’t large, but after many times of walking up and down the stairs after the fabulous keynotes and sessions, your feet may get tired.  Plus you may want to show us your best dance moves during the after party!

4. Comfortable clothing. You’ll be moving from room to room, up and down the stairs and presumably, playing table tennis or showing off your dance moves as mentioned in #5.  You might as well be comfortable doing it.  If comfortable for you is fancy dress, as say..  a superhero, who are we to judge?

3. Technology! As if we really had to tell you to bring tablets and phones.  But just in case, here is a reminder.  You’ll of course want to live tweet how much fun you’re having to those that weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket!  In case you don’t know, our hashtag is #LC2017 and we’ll be streaming tweets in the expo!

2. Chargers!  We’ll have the outlets, you bring the chargers or extra batteries for all of that technology you’re bringing.  You’ll definitely want to tweet your favourite moments and get those selfies!

1. Enthusiasm! Hopefully you’ll be excited that it’s a Friday and you’re not at work.  In addition to that, you’ll be learning cool stuff, meeting new people and getting swag.  Also, you’ll get our amazing Keynotes from Peter Coffee and Belinda Parmar and if that wasn’t enough, the after party!  A chance to cut loose, have an adult beverage and hit up the photo booth!

We can’t wait to see you there!


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